Hi, we're Myke & Julie and welcome to Snoozicoonz.  We are breeders of traditional type Maine Coons.  We live in Angus, Scotland where we have lived since 2001 and at present are owned by several  girls and boys .    All our cats have the total run of the house and play room as well as the huge outside cat runs.   We have been successfully owned by cats for many years now and gradually moved into breeding and showing after we moved to our present address on the outskirts of Dundee in Angus.    Being a 'Slave' to a 'Coonie' is a rewarding experience and a lifetime of amusement and friendship which we would never change.



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For help or advice or to discuss the purchase of a new kitten please either call 01382 737960 mobile 07720642282 or email:


Welcome to 'Snoozicoonz ' maine coons

Doing what a Maine Coon does





Special Thanks


We are very very grateful to Pamela from Carramazza and Sandra from Kassaro  who have provided us with the old style lines for getting us up and running.  Also for all their help and advice they have given us and continue to do so.


A great big thank you to both of you!

We are Registered Breeders with the GCCF, and Registered Breeder Members with the the Scottish Cat Club, The Scotia cat Club and the Nor'East Scotland Cat Club, and as such we adhere to their Code of Ethics regarding the health and welfare of all our cats and kittens. 


We breed our cats for health, type and temperment and spend as much time as possible socialising them into everyday household life.  We breed mainly for pet homes, but we also sell suitable quality kittens from our show lines for show and  for breeding as well.   


We only sell our kittens or Retiree's to loving caring and forever homes where they will be cared for and loved and spoilt rotten.  We will refuse to sell a kitten/cat if we feel that the new owner or home is unsuitable, however this is extremely rare.



We breed Silver Tabby's, Blue Tabby's, Blue Silver Tabby's, Solid Blues, Solid Whites, Red Tabby's, Tortie Tabby's and Foundation Breeding.



Since 28th March 2011



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